is a local Brooklyn restaurant food delivery

app that is a cost-effective alternative to all of the “big name”

apps in the food delivery industry. Our niche market is the

Brooklyn restaurant industry. Our app makes it easy for

customers who download the app to order their favorite food

and drinks from restaurants – minus the huge delivery costs.

From special offers and discounts to Brooklynites and low-

delivery costs starting at $3.99. NYCeatUP is a great alternative to get your food without

leaving the comfort of your home – without breaking the


NYCeatup also works great for restaurants that sign up with

us. First, for a cost of $100 we give you your ordering tablet

set-up and primed to start taking orders in as little as an

hour! Second, NYCeatup does not charge participating

restaurants a commission (as some big food delivery services

do. As much as 30 percent!).  We charge a very low percent per order.

NYCeatup has partnered with one of Brooklyn’s premier

Digital Marketing Agencies to help local restaurants

advertise, market their brands and promote their products

So here’s what we want you to do:

 Customers – download the App from the Google

Playstore or Itunes and give it a whirl! Also recommend

the app to your friends and share on Social Media!

 Restaurants – Give us a call and set up an appointment

for us to show you how the app works and how it can

improve your bottom line. That’s it!